The Library

Don't make faces...if you're at this site at all it's because you're either in college or went to college. You gotta go to the library sometime. It might as well be ours.

We're building a small collection of resources that greeks might find useful. Your suggestions and conributions are certainly welcome and will go toward helping your fellow greeks succeed.

  • Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing
    A wonderful book by Hank Nuwer with the active support of Eileen Stevens, the Founder of CHUCK. They have no problem with Fraternities, just with Hazing.


  • Friendship in the Age of AIDS
    The efforts of two fraternity alumni to educate college students about AIDS.

  • The Great Library of Congress--Fraternity Rituals Urban Legend Page
    Your ritual is not in the Library of Congress...and neither is anyone else's. If you believe it is, you've been had. Find out why.

    Thanks to Randy Finder of Alpha Phi Omega for some good information.

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