"How do I get my chapter on the online?"

That's a good question. It's probably the number one question we get at GreekPages. A lot of chapters are realizing the great potential of the web. And with a little pluck and grit, your's can too. HTML and the Web need not be a Syssiphean ordeal (register for 'Intro to Mythology' next term if you missed that one). So, here are some ideas for you. Since writing all the pages can take some time, you may want to bookmark this page to make it easier to find again later. Good luck.

There are really two steps to getting your chapter online.

  1. Writing your pages in HTML, and
  2. Getting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a URL
Authoring Your Pages
Almost all pages in the World Wide Web are written in a language called Hypertext Mark-up Language, or HTML for short. HTML is a way of adding little bits of code, called 'tags' to basic text to make that text appear in various ways when viewed by a web browser (like Netscape).

There are several very good introductions to learning HTML. Here are a few:

  • Creating your own web page
  • HTML made really easy
  • NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML
  • An interactive tutorial for beginners
  • Introduction to HTML

    Once you've got those basics down, you may want to look at some more advanced topics:

  • A guide to HTML and CGI scripts
  • Composing Good HTML
  • Elements of HTML Style
  • How did they do that with HTML?
  • Tips and tricks for web page designers
  • Compact index of HTML tags

    Don't forget to look at GreekPages' Cool Greek Sites to get some fraternity/sorority specific ideas.

    Getting an Internet Service Provider/URL
    Once your pages are written, you need to put them somewhere where they can be viewed from the internet. A computer that can do that is called a server. You need one. Fortunately, they're not hard to find. Just about every college and university has its own server and many make space available to recognized student groups. You'll have to talk to the WWW people at your school for the exact procedure - it is different at each school.

    If your school doesn't do that or it doesn't look practical, you still have several options. The least expensive are to get space on one of the several FREE service providers that are out there. While GreekPages can't recommend any provider in particular, the following are available and have been commonly used by fraternity and sorority chapters:

  • GeoCities
  • Angel Fire
  • Tripod
    You can also get your own personal account with a private firm (will cost a bit more, but will give you more as well) and put the pages in there. Again, once you decide on a provider, follow their instructions as they vary from server to server.

    Once you've done this, you'll know what the address, or URL (Uniform Resource Locater) for your page is. There's just one important thing left to do:

  • Add it to GreekPages!

    We hope this helps. Let us know if these hints helped you or if we can make them better. Use the Feedback form to help us help other greeks get on the net.


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